Monday, November 29, 2004

93. Batman

The last month has been business as usual--too much of it to permit me to record my thoughts here, in fact--but that all changed an hour ago, when I saw the much-rumored impostor for the first time.

After hearing a burglar alarm sounding nearby during my regular patrols downtown, I raced to the source of the ear-piercing noise. When I arrived, the perpetrator was several hundred feet away from the newly broken front window of the Gilded Feline, the jewelry store at the corner of Eggers and Martin. I pursued the thief as far as I could, but he ran quickly--with the agility of a trained professional--and managed to evade me by producing a number of smoke bombs and other distracting devices from his utility belt.

His costume does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to mine. I never got a good look at it, or at his face, but I have a horrible feeling this will not be my last chance to do so.