Tuesday, April 05, 2005

147. The omniscient narrator

"Oh god oh god oh god, anything but that," Hugo Strange stammered. He was on the verge of hyperventilating. One thug held him in place while the other prepared to remove the cowl that was currently providing his last chance of survival. In this instant he grasped everything that the mask had meant to its previous wearer.

Years of professional training should have taught him this was merely transference, that he was identifying a bit too closely with the man who was currently locked up in a cage several blocks away, but in this particular moment that knowledge was no help at all. In his delirium, the mask suddenly meant more to him than life itself.

"Anything, huh?" Rob said, grinning. "Hey, Tom--Mister Macho here is gonna make a deal with me. Whattaya think of THAT?"

"I think he's fuckin' nuts," Tom replied. "But then everybody's been sayin' he musta gone crazy or somethin', the way he was acting the last time anybody saw him."

"Well, we know what he's crazy about now, don't we?" Rob cracked, unzipping his pants. He turned his attention to the trembling man. "Okay, Bats, here's the deal: you suck my dick, you keep the mask. Got it? Refuse, you lose. But I gotta warn you--that dick is pretty soft right now. If you don't make me hard in sixty seconds, not only does that thing come off, but my friend here is gonna CUT it off."

Tom had produced a knife by this point and pressed it loosely against "Batman"'s neck, indicating exactly where the blade would go.

Strange said nothing. He could practically hear the knife beginning to cut into the cowl as he leaned forward, took Rob's flaccid penis in his mouth, and began to tease it with his lips and tongue.

"Well, I'll be damned," Tom said. "Check it out: the Batman really is a pussy, after all."

It didn't take long for Rob's cock to stiffen. When it did, the thug pulled it out of "Batman"'s mouth and slapped him across the face with it several times.

"You like that, bitch?" Rob demanded to know. "ANSWER ME."

"Y-yessir," Strange replied softly. The truth was, he had never been as excited in his life as he was right now. Suddenly it occured to him that everything he'd done thus far--the years of stalking Wayne, the months laying the trap, the weeks breaking the victim down--were simply preparation for this particular instant. One wrong move and he'd be dead--a thought that thrilled him to no end. "Oh god," he said again, nearly swooning. He soon felt the cock being returned to his mouth.

"Finish me off," Rob said. "Or we'll finish YOU off."