Friday, December 02, 2005

221. Gustavus

The changes in Bruce over the last few days are remarkable. As he continues to train his body, he grows ever more confident, ever stronger. He is literally a new man, or perhaps an improved version of the one he was long before I met him. I look at him in wonder; I cannot help thinking how far he has come since we first began working together.

On a related note, he has brought me further and further into his very unique training process. I had always thought that my own physical conditioning was rigorous, but his dedication in that department puts mine to shame. I work out alongside him, spot him on equipment, and spar with him during combat drills. During rest breaks, I continue to coach him in more esoteric realms, furthering the exercises we began months ago.

I cannot hide my excitement as I grapple with him in his sweats--aptly named, for he is frequently drenched in perspiration within minutes of beginning one of his gruelling sessions. Soon, he says, he will start to wear a stripped-down version of his costume during these routines, since its weight and bulk affect his stamina and balance significantly. Having seen him in the full outfit earlier, I must say I look forward to that transition.