Wednesday, June 30, 2004

3. Batman

After much deliberation, I have decided to contact the hostage from the bank. He was easy enough to track down; no need for a "Bat-computer" when the phone book is handy. (I must remember to point out to him the need for an unlisted number in these dangerous times.)

I need to probe him for information about the crime. Although the Joker and his men are safely back in jail, I need to determine whether Grayson knows anything of value. I have hesitated thus far because the drugs we were both administered placed us in a state of temporary artificial intimacy, and I am concerned about the possible aftereffects of that condition for both of us. I admit he has occupied my own thoughts ever since thour initial encounter; it has been difficult for me to carry out my work as a result. Perhaps a second meeting will put my mind at ease.

Moreover, I feel an obligation to check on his well-being. He was in mortal danger simply because chance placed him between the Joker and myself, and I fear the trauma may have lasting repercussions either physically or mentally. (I must make certain to examine his body carefully.) It is truly unfortunate when innocent civilians fall prey to dastardly criminals, as I well know. Time and time again during my short career I have witnessed the legacy of evil, its power to distort and transform personalities. If anything unfortunate were to happen to Grayson as a result of my appearance in his life, I am certain I would never be able to forgive myself.

I will propose a meeting at midnight tonight in his apartment.