Sunday, May 21, 2006

264. The omniscient narrator

The buckle on the belt he was wearing but could not touch had a picture on it. A picture of ... something. He stared at it and tried to make sense of it.

In so doing, he made another discovery: he was seriously dizzy. The room seemed to be spinning around him. He tried hard to stabilize himself by staring at the picture of the ba--

That was it! Belt. Buckle. Bat.


He knew in an instant who he was--Batman--and ...

And that was a start. It would all fall into place now. Now he was getting somewhere.

Or was he? So far he knew he was Batman, and he knew he couldn't move, and he knew he was under the influence of something extremely potent.

He was pretty sure about something else, too.

He was pretty sure he wasn't alone.