Thursday, May 04, 2006

259. Dick

Still getting used to being back in Gotham. I'd say it feels like I never left, but that's absolutely not the case. It feels instead like this is a place I put far behind me long, long ago in search of something new--only to discover that this is it, after all. I don't know how long I'll be here or what will happen while I'm around. Am I just passing through? Or am I settling in for the long haul? No clue yet. I only know that I have a job to do, and that I am now part of a team. (Sort of like my old ACT UP days, I guess, only very, very different.)

Our last few days in Houston were action-packed, needless to say. GA and I had to work fast based on the information we gleaned from the interrogation, and somehow we managed to pull it off. Our first idea was to simply blow up the venue where the "Houston Male" event was going to take place (Ollie has access to some very interesting explosive devices, it turns out), but we had to rule that out given its location in a residential neighborhood.

Instead, we turned to purely conventional channels--we took our story to the press. And the TV news. We started with the gay papers, then the Chronicle, then radio, and ultimately the local tv stations. Anonymous calls to anyone and everyone who would listen--and all it took was two listeners to turn the tide and shut the joint down before it ever opened. The same reporters are also launching investigations into the "Honest Men" movement as well.

It's not the way Batman would have done it.

But it worked. And that's all that matters.