Tuesday, October 05, 2004

86. Dick

Where have the last few days gone? Hell, where has the last week or two gone? It's all a blur... of anger at Bruce over this whole Riddler business, of futile attempts to get my "real" life back together, and of total horniness. I swear I spend every night having one wet dream after another; it's like I'm 15 all over again.

Called Peter last weekend and suggested we get together again for the first time in ages, but he blew me off. (Well, that's exactly what he didn't do. I've never understood that expression--and I certainly don't understand why it's supposed to be a negative one.) He was polite, but I could tell he was pissed at me for not having anything to do with him for weeks. Naturally I can't tell him why I've been incommunicado--namely, I've spent way too many of my nights tied to various torture devices and/or walloping bad guys--so I must come across like a total asshole. Doesn't bode well for a healthy relationship.

Meanwhile, the one I have with Bruce is the farthest thing from healthy you can imagine. I'm in love with him (there, I've said it), he's in love with this Riddler character (there, I've said it), and the Riddler is one of at least three dozen psychos who would like nothing better than to kill us both. (Okay, so most of them don't know I exist yet... but I doubt that would stand in their way.)

On the other hand, by this point I know what I've gotten into with Batman, and I realize I can't just keep backing out every time I discover something about Bruce that I don't like. He's not going to change; we both know that. The question is: Will I?