Sunday, October 10, 2004

87. Dick

Another week gone by, but this time I've been busy as hell. Now that I have no other career besides being a caped crusader's sidekick, I've plunged myself into the job, researching online all day, swinging into action half the night. Batman has been taking me out on patrols more and more often--not every single night (there were a few when I just stayed home and slept)--but enough for me to get my feet wet. Mostly I'm the lookout with the binoculars (excuse me, "bat-noculars") who stays on a nearby rooftop at a safe distance and alerts him of any threats he can't see from the ground, but at least I'm actually out there making something of myself. (I'm also making way more $$$ on the Wayne payroll than I've ever made in any previous, er, position. Life is good.)

Still lots of unspoken tension between the two of us; I just can't seem to bring up the Riddler/Nygma/fuckbuddy business myself, and I know there's no WAY he's gonna say anything if I don't do it first. But we've managed to keep working as a team, and maybe we're even getting better at it as we go. Maybe we don't even need to discuss it after all.

Oh, and I even got my first mention in the paper late last week. A small thing, just hearsay about the Masked Manhunter allegedly working with a (nameless) partner now, but it's still kind of cool. I know we're not supposed to be in it for the glory (and Batman even says that publicity is dangerous in our case), but I gotta say I felt a little proud of myself when I read that.

Had the day off today, so I made a little time to have brunch with Janice this morning. Nice to see here again after so long, but the conversation was a little icy. It's like we barely know each other any more. She tells me she's got a new boyfriend--I forget his name--and I was suitably vague about my own activities of late. As always.

Think I'll turn in early tonight--back to the bat-grind tomorrow, and I need to be as alert as possible in this new line of work.