Wednesday, December 15, 2004

102. Dick

Batman thinks he's figured out who the mysterious "H.S." is, and he seems really upset about it. Says the guy is indeed an "old friend" from his past who he thought was long gone. Not the Riddler after all. I hate to say it, but the name doesn't ring a bell to me; in fact, it's already slipped my mind. Hugh something, I think, but maybe I misheard it. I didn't write it down last night--but no matter, because tonight it looks like my main assignment is going to be researching the databases for background on the guy.

I joked about when the Batcave's Christmas Party was going to be, but that didn't go over too well. We've already seen how much of a sense of humor the big guy has, especially when he's immersed in a case.

Oh, speaking of parties,there are two coming up: Janice is having one this Friday, which will be my first chance to see her in god knows HOW long, and WayneTech is throwing one the following night (to which I'm not invited, for obvious reasons). Actually Janice called me to invite me to hers AND to a planning meeting for a protest action outside the WayneTech one (which I also can't attend, for obvious reasons).

Jingle bells, batman smells...

Hey, he really does, too! I think it's CKOne, but Obsession would be more appropriate.