Wednesday, December 15, 2004

103. Batcomputer database entry

NAME: Strange, Hugo
ALIASES: Dr. Strange
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: height/5'10" eyes/brown hair/none
HISTORY: I first met psychiatrist Hugo Strange in the mid-1990s, when he contacted me via e-mail. He was researching the growing world of online fantasy, MUDs, and other examples of what he described as "shared hallucination." I do not recall how he first learned of the Batman, a guise which I maintained almost entirely online at that time. I agreed to meet with him in costume at a neutral location. During what I had been led to believe would be an academic interview, he grew increasingly flirtatious, although I rebuffed his advances. His passion soon turned to anger, and in the months which followed, he made numerous attempts to contact me again, issuing ever-escalating threats before eventually vanishing.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Strange is obsessed with learning my secret identity. He possesses a highly developed mind, though his emotional life appears to be stunted. He is prone to violent outbursts.


RISK ASSESSMENT: While there is no record of criminal activity in Strange's past, his quick temper makes him a figure to be regarded with extreme caution.

NOTES: Strange's psychiatric background affords him access to both great insight into the workings of the human mind and to a vast array of pharmaceuticals.