Tuesday, August 10, 2004

56. Dick

Just waking up after a VERY late night. (That's one advantage to not having a day job anymore.) Still not entirely sure if what happened a few hours ago was a dream, or not.

It's been a few weeks since Bruce--er, Batman--pulled his peeping tom bit at my apartment window, so once again he scared the shit out of me when I noticed him perched out on the ledge last night. Midnight, as usual. Thank god I was alone; then again, he's pretty good at disappearing, to put it mildly.

I let him in, and watched as he landed on my floor in that incredibly sexy outfit of his. "Dick--" he started to say.

That was a first. (One of many last night, I don't need to add.) Not "Grayson," just "Dick." Almost as if we were friends instead of ... whatever we are. Whatever we've been.

But instead of finishing his sentence, he just, well, grabbed me. Reached out toward my shoulders with his big gloved hands and held me. There was a strange mix of nervous affection and misplaced aggression in the gesture, which made sense in the moment since he's probably way more used to delivering punches than embraces. He looked me straight in the eye and for the first time I had the chance to study his masked face up close without pretending it was an accident.

"Dick, I -- I need you," he said at last. And then--here's where I'm still convinced I dreamt the whole thing--he drew me close enough to plant a kiss on my lips. A long, sincere one, neither a polite peck nor a lusty wet tongue job but something in between. There was something weirdly businesslike about it--that is, if bosses were in the habit of rewarding workers in that way.

A month ago I would have jumped his bones right then and there, but that was before my little brush with The Tempest and the subsequent instruction to write up a report about it all. Even so, when the sexiest man you've ever seen holds you in his arms and kisses you, your skepticism about his asshole side tends to melt away. I felt the warmth of his chest, listened to his breath, savored the feeling of his arms wrapped around my back, and realized that once again I had no idea what he would do next.