Friday, August 27, 2004

67. Dick

Haven't written here all week because I've been so busy in the Cave, training all night and working on the Tempest case during the day. (Who would have guessed that being a superhero could be every bit as tedious as being a cubicle drone? Holy revelation!) I've been spending more and more time at "Wayne Manor" lately, as everybody seems to call the joint--it's almost like I'm living there. So I've come to truly relish these rare chances to spend some time in my own space.

Camping last weekend with Peter turned out to be pretty relaxing--so much so, in fact, that I decided to try something. On our second night in the tent, I worked up the courage to ask him if he was open to a little experimentation. He sounded willing, so I blindfolded him and then cuffed his hands behind his back. Batman has always been very strict about the boundaries between our costumed lives and our daylight selves, but I just felt like maybe I could make sex with Peter a little more interesting if I made it kinkier. It's the first time I've done anything like this--though god knows my dreams are full of similiar encounters with Bruce--and the sheer newness of the experience (and my accompanying nervousness) made the whole situation pretty fresh, at least for me. (I took the cuffs off before I removed the blindfold, so he wouldn't notice the distinctive bat motif on them.) I tried to talk to Peter about it later, but couldn't really get anything solid out of him.

Batman says his own weekend was pretty calm--mostly just working in the Cave and doing the usual early-AM patrols. I'm not entirely sure I trust him, but it's incredibly hard to tell when he's lying and when he's being straight with me. Years of practice, I guess.

The only other noteworthy event this past week came during my session with Dr. T. Once again, I rambled on about all my made-up adventures, and this time I looked up and saw that he was staring straight at me, and then noticed that--once again--I was incredibly horny. I had the strangest, strongest desire to just unzip my pants and start jerking off in front of him. The funny thing is, the next thing I remember is leaving his office; most of the rest of the hour is a blank.

(Wow, I just sort of zoned out just now; I was typing away, and then I found myself wandering around my apartment in a stupor. Weird. I'd talk to Bruce about it, except that I haven't told him anything about Tanhoger, and I don't plan to.)

This coming weekend promises no tent-sex getaways. No days off at all, in fact. Batman and I will be spending the next three days in a kind of marathon training session: all day, all night. He wants me to get used to the rhythms of his work, which very often does not follow a convenient schedule. (After all, when you're in the clutches of your arch enemy, you don't exactly get bathroom breaks or three square meals a day.) The whole fact that he's teaching me this stuff suggests that maybe he's considering sending me out into the world soon. Just a hunch--as with everything else in his world, he makes all the decisions. I'll have to wait and see.