Friday, August 20, 2004

63. Bruce

I have deciphered the last of the Riddler's clues; I know where he wants me to meet him, and when. (I do not dare write this information down, for fear that it will be intercepted by Alfred or Robin.)

I have given Dick the weekend off. I cannot risk him intervening. I am, I have come to realize, ashamed of my relationship with Nygma in all its complexities, of the feelings he produces within me. The fact that he -- like so many others from my circle -- has crossed over from roleplay in the realm of fantasy to committing actual crimes in the real world is appalling to me. Fortunately, his crimes thus far have not been major ones--but I hold myself responsible all the same. And, I must confess, the very thought of walking into another of Nygma's traps in the near future excites me enormously.

I dearly wish I could leave this world of villainy I am now a part of, but it is with me forever. One day, I fear, it will be my undoing.