Monday, February 21, 2005

118. Hugo Strange (notebook entry)

The patient who calls himself Batman has finally admitted himself to my care, as I knew he eventually would. It took a fair degree of intervention on my part, no doubt, but now that he has taken the crucial first step of seeking me out for a consultation, I know that the rest will come more easily.

His associate, Richard Grayson, has already--with my help--made some significant strides, but then again he had the good fortune to seek out my services voluntarily,long ago. Through a rigorous combination of medication and in-depth analysis, I have taught him that the strong erotic attachment he once had to Batman is misplaced, and he has begun to transfer those feelings to a more appropriate recipient (namely myself). Grayson has come to understand that his affections were misplaced, and that the way to true happiness lies in obeying my commands.

But this Batman is a far tougher matter. His is a fascinating case, a tale of obsession and delusion. I have studied it for years, and at last I am beginning to make significant headway after extensive preparation. At the moment he is under sedation in my chambers, and when he awakens I will initiate the next phase of treatment in earnest.