Wednesday, February 23, 2005

122. Hugo Strange (notebook entry)

The current phase of treatment is proceeding according to plan. Batman is growing increasingly disoriented, and therefore more open to persuasion and conditioning. Soon he will be containable without physical restraint. The medications I have administered since he admitted himself to my care are magnifying the effects of those he has been receiving for the last two months. His mind and body are now dependent on regular dosages in order to function. This is all for his own good.

The time has come for me to reveal to him more of the effects of my treatment program with Mr. Grayson. The better Batman understands the depth of my powers and the benefits of submission, the easier it will be for him to participate in the program I have in mind for him.

A certain degree of lingering resistance is to be expected, of course. It is a necessary phase in the process.

It will pass.