Wednesday, February 23, 2005

123. The omniscient narrator

There was no predictable pattern to Strange's comings and goings. All Batman knew was that, sooner or later, the self-appointed doctor would begin a new round of his nightmarish "treatments," with a blank-looking Dick Grayson in tow.

Escape appeared impossible. Not only was he immobilized by some sort of drug with paralytic capabilities (under normal circumstances he could easily have removed the batcuffs from around his wrists and picked the inevitable lock on the office door), but his mind was whirling and swirling in and out of focus.

Lights on. Strange pointed at Batman's midsection, and Dick wrapped his hands around the elastic band of Bruce's customized, heavily reinforced athletic supporter and eased the undergarment off the man, leaving him naked from the waist down. Batman's cock now lay exposed to the air. It drooped flaccid against his right leg.

"As I have told you, Batman," Strange began, "your friend here has been in my care for a long time. During our sessions, aided by hypnosis and medication, he began to feel comfortable enough to share his every thought, his every desire, with me. He came to understand that full disclosure plays a crucial part in his therapy.

"One of the things he talked about week after week was his feelings for you. He looked to you as a mentor. A father, perhaps, or a trusted older brother. And something more, as well. I believe you know what I mean."

Batman gulped. This was not exactly news to him, but he had been fighting against its implications ever since he had invited Dick Grayson to join him as a partner. Acting on any sort of romantic impulse would surely have had disastrous consequences for their larger mission.

Strange turned to Dick. "Richard, we have discussed your desires for this man for a very long time. We have worked through them. You have moved on. But now I want you to act on them."

Grayson looked puzzled, perhaps frightened.

"Do not worry, Richard," Hugo Strange said in a comforting voice. "You have my permission, this one time. This is a lesson--for you, and for the Batman. I will tell you exactly what to do."

Dick nodded and listened as Strange told him to kneel by the couch. He did what he was told. "Take it in your hand," Strange said. Grayson wrapped his gloved palm around Batman's member. "Work it... slowly ... slowly."

Batman could do nothing but watch mutely while his closest companion began to massage his penis.

"Good boy," Strange continued. "Now... take it in your mouth. Enjoy it. You have dreamed of this moment for months. Now it is here. This will probably be the only time. Savor it, son."

Still acting like an automaton, Dick Grayson applied his lips to his mentor's shaft and slid them up and down its length.

Strange looked at Batman. "This poses a quandry, does it not, Mr. Wayne? Your body is paralyzed, and yet ... what will happen when you become excited? You cannot move a muscle, but suddenly a muscle wants to move on its own. It begs to stiffen... to fill with blood... What will happen, Batman? Will it hurt you? Will the pain destroy you? Or will you experience untold pleasure? You want so badly to be able to enjoy this moment as much as your partner, but ... there are obstacles. The outcome of our experiment is uncertain. What will happen next, Batman? What will happen ... next?"