Wednesday, February 23, 2005

124. The omniscient narrator

Batman had no choice but to allow the man he called Robin to suck him off, even if Hugo Strange had warned him that an erection might mean his demise. Frozen in place, the Caped Crusader gazed down and watched as Dick Grayson went to work on his shaft.

They had done this before, Batman recalled. But only once, and, like now, it was under duress. Why had they resisted making love under brighter circumstances? Both Bruce and Dick had tried hard to suppress their true desires, but it was clear that they both felt powerfully drawn to each other. True, acting on these impulses would have complicated their working relationship, but that was already a tangle of power imbalances anyway. Besides, when something felt this good, why fight it?

And it did feel good, Bruce was forced to admit to himself. Damn good. He knew he wasn't exactly himself, but the sight of his beloved companion kneeling at his waist and sucking away at his member like his life depended on it (which it probably did) was too good to --

--resist: yes, that's what he must do! There was no telling what would happen should he become aroused--Strange had threatened great pain, the possiblity of death-- he must fight...

... back... No. It was too much work. Far easier to just lie here and give in...

Batman could tell without looking that he was fully erect now. And unquestionably still alive. So Strange had been ... bluffing?

"Congratulations, Batman," Hugo Strange said. "It turns out you can move a muscle, after all. And I have news for you: you can move any muscle in your body that you wish. Try it and see."

With some hesitation, Batman tested the waters by shifting one of his fingers, then a toe. Soon he managed to squirm from side to side, slowly, on the couch which had become his prison, even as Dick Grayson continued to suck his cock.

"You could have done it at any time, my friend," Strange pointed out. You had full use of your limbs all along. You only thought you were paralyzed because I told you so. You see, you are already more compliant than you realized. A very obedient subject, indeed."

Batman thought of lunging for his captor, but soon discovered that his mobility, while greater than he'd thought, was still extremely limited. Better, or at least easier, to lie still and enjoy the sensation of Dick's moist lips.

That pleasure continued a moment or two longer, and then ended abruptly, upon Strange's instructions. The madman beckoned his charge, and Grayson approached him. "Let us show Batman where your allegiances truly lie, Richard." The man in the imitation batsuit wrapped his arms around Hugo Strange and kissed him long and hard, then sank down to his feet, clearly hungry for a taste of Strangeness.

Dear god, Batman thought to himself.

The self-described doctor gently pushed Grayson away. "Not yet, Richard. We have work to do. Watch him. I will be back shortly." Dick turned his attention to Batman, guarding him like a prisoner and seemingly willing to use force should an escape attempt occur.

Strange turned off the lights again and left the room, locking the door from the outside, leaving the two crimefighters alone in his office. Under other circumstances this would have been a brazen step for a villain to take, but Hugo Strange knew he had these two exactly where he wanted them.