Wednesday, February 23, 2005

125. Hugo Strange (notebook entry)

Batman is learning fast, now that he realizes the degree of control I already hold over him. He knows that Richard Grayson's life is in my hands. He may not want to acknowledge it yet, but he knows his own fate is under my command as well.

I remember the first time I saw him, ten years ago, almost to the day. I had studied him for months before that, as he moved through the online world in search of ... something. A fantasy he could not attain. When I met him face to face I was certain he would acknowledge it was I he had been trying to find. He was magnificent in his uniform, so strong, so self-assured, so ...

So goddammed full of himself. He rejected my advances, accused me of luring him into a meeting under false pretenses. And he left.

That is when the pursuit began in earnest. I studied his every move, learned his behavior inside and out. Spent a decade thinking of little else.

And now the culmination of my research is upon me. It is time at last for him to learn who is in charge. Time to learn his place. Time to give me what I want.

Everything I want.