Wednesday, March 02, 2005

129. The omniscient narrator

"On your knees, Batman. Arms up in the air. That's it."

Strange stood next to his captive and ordered him into position. Batman was compliant, thanks to liberal doses of untold medications and a general sense of disorientation and resignation. He knew that a longer than usual period had passed since the last visit from his captor, but he could not account for the time. He was hungry and weak--had he eaten anything for days? There was a glass of water just out of reach--had he been given anything to drink? And had he been allowed to empty his bowels and bladder? He could not remember; did not know. Did not care on some level. All that mattered at this point was...

What? He was having trouble remembering even that. Escape? Compliance? Mere survival? The only thing he could count on was the fact that, every few hours (and sometimes longer), Hugo Strange would return and strip away one more item of protective armor. One more hiding place. There was something perversely comforting in that ritual by this point.

Batman looked around the room. Strange was alone this time. What had become of--

"Richard, come in here," Strange said in a loud voice, and Dick Grayson entered the room. He had shed the attire of the Impostor and was now naked but for his Robin mask. Even in the midst of such dire circumstances--or perhaps because of them--Batman could not help but admire his body, taking note of his large but flaccid cock.

"You will notice that he no longer wears the costume I assigned him, Mr. Wayne," Strange said. "That one served two very specific purposes: First, to remind him that he no longer answers to you. Second, to help me in my campaign to discredit you. Both of those goals have been met. Now I have a new use for him."

The mad doctor turned his attention to Grayson. "Richard, remove his tunic." Dick did as he was told, and placed it on the desk with the rest of the batsuit. All that remained now of the team of Batman and Robin was two naked masked men, one of who was on his knees.

Strange stroked his chin and admired his work. "It's almost over," he said. "I will leave the two of you alone for a while to contemplate your fate. I'm sure I don't have to remind you, Batman, that you are in no position to escape. As you well know, you cannot move without my permission. And your partner here will kill you if you do. And I will kill him if I must. Goodbye for now, old friend. Enjoy your last few moments in hiding. Soon they will be but a memory."