Sunday, March 20, 2005

141. The omniscient narrator

"Gentlemen, gentlemen," Strange scolded, kicking the pill out of reach of either man. "I did not instruct you to tear each other apart. You are both important possessions of mine, and I cannot have you destroying each other. I believe you need another reminder before you receive your treats."

He nudged the two of them apart with his boot, gesturing for them both to lie on the ground on their backs, their bodies outstretched. Out came the clippers again.

"If you act like animals, I will treat you like animals. And sometimes animals need to be sheared."

He had already shaved their heads; now--beginning with Object Y and moving to Object X--he removed the remainder of hair from their chests and genitals, leaving only their faces untouched. Neither "object" made any attempt to resist.

"That's more like it," Strange said, picking up the pill from the dirty floor and placing it in Object Y's mouth. "Don't worry, Object X--I have one for you, too," he said, reaching into the utility belt for a second capsule.

Strange left for a moment and returned with a pet carrier built for a very large dog, and then a second. "These are your new homes," he said, opening the doors and watching each of his captives force itself into the cramped space of a carrier.

"I am leaving you to your thoughts now. You need your rest, if you are to face what lies ahead. Until I return, I want you each to reflect on what has happened to you. On what you are. On how much you owe me," he continued, knowing full well how much the "treats" he had just fed them would assist that inevitable process.

Strange latched each cage. If he were still dealing with Batman and Robin, the flimsy latches would be no match for them. But he knew beyond a doubt that those two entities were long gone. The piles of hair on the floor of his office were simply the latest evidence of that fact.