Friday, March 11, 2005

137. Batman (forced confession)

I, Bruce Wayne, formerly known as Batman, do hereby confess to the following crimes:

*For many years, I attempted to enforce a form of vigilante justice which was neither necessary nor appropriate.
*I liked the knowledge to make determinations about the guilt or innocence of the people I pursued.
*I acted for my own selfish reasons, taking great pleasure in what I did at the expense of others.
*I was too cowardly to take responsibility for the harm I caused, choosing to disguise my face and body with a costume.
*Rather than acknowledging that my primary motivations were erotic and narcissistic, I pretended to myself and the outside world that I was pursuing a noble mission as a crimefighter.
*Because of my actions, many men and women lost many valuable years of their lives to incarceration.
*One of the men who suffered most from my misdeeds was one Hugo Strange, also known as Dr. Gus Tanhoger, a legitimate and honored psychiatrist.
*Blind to his positive influence, I rejected his repeated offers to help me and instead tormented him for many years.
*I convinced Richard Grayson to join me in my activities, robbing him of the chance to lead a normal and healthy life and placing him in great danger for my own purposes.

I now renounce, in this moment and for the rest of my life, the actions listed above. In separate documents I will sign over the sum of my personal income and holdings to Dr. Gus Tanhoger, whom I authorize to manage all my personal affairs from this day forward. I further swear, upon punishment of death, that I will never again wear the aforementioned costume or refer to myself as the Batman except under explicit instructions from the doctor.

To all those who have suffered as a result of my actions, I heartily apologize. Words cannot express my shame at what I have done. I beg your forgiveness.

Bruce Wayne