Wednesday, March 09, 2005

135. The omniscient narrator

"I will give you a choice, Batman," Strange said. "I am fully prepared to remove the cowl myself. But I would much prefer to watch you do it. It is such an important stage in your treatment, and the effect will only be fully felt if you take the matter into your own hands, as it were. Which will it be?"

Bruce was busy being penetrated from two orifices at the same time and did not have much of a chance to reply until removing his mouth from Strange's shaft. He was silent for several moments, weighing his options--neither of which was particularly promising.

"L-l-let me," he said.

"Excellent choice," Dr. Strange said. "I am delighted to see that you are finally coming around." He turned to the other man.
"Richard, stop what you are doing. I know that you are on the verge of release, and you will have it in due time, but I want to set the stage for this auspicious moment."

Strange produced a silver cigarette lighter and began lighting candles which were displayed throughout the office. Had they been there all along? Bruce could not recall seeing them earlier, but then his perception was clouded at best.

Strange flicked a switch, and the room went dark but for the candlelight. "Kneel before me, both of you," he ordered, and the two men did as they were told, one willingly, the other somewhat less so. "Richard, take yours off first."

Dick Grayson reached up and removed the domino mask from his face. Even more than Batman's, this was a purely symbolic gesture, given that he had surrendered it to Tanhoger/Strange long ago and only put it back on at the doctor's orders. But the act set the stage, and Strange found himself excited by the sheer inevitability of what was finally happening. He slipped his hand into the bat-tights and began jerking himself off.

"Your turn, Batman," he said, masturbating with great intensity as the kneeling hero unfastened the clasp over his throat and then pulled the mask off his face once and for all.

At the precise moment that the cowl came off, a jet of warm jism flew from the end of Strange's cock and landed squarely on Bruce Wayne's exposed forehead. Strange howled in ecstacy, a decade of wet dreams fulfilled, and he continued working his shaft to expel every last drop of fluid.

"Come, Richard, join me," he said, motioning for Grayson to stand. The younger man did so, and soon he, too, was jerking away until he shot onto Wayne's face. One gob landed on the now-thick beard hairs on Bruce's chin and dripped onto the captive's bared chest.

Strange took the cowl in his hand and placed it over his own head, completing the stolen costume he now wore. "It's over, friend," he said. "It's over."