Sunday, March 06, 2005

133. The omniscient narrator

Dick heeded Dr. Strange's call and stood beside him.

"Look at him, Batman," Hugo Strange said. "Observe how far he has come with my assistance. And please note how ... eager he is to serve me now."

Bruce could not miss his partner's erection.

"Richard, help me take off my clothes," Strange said. As he removed each article of clothing, he handed it to Grayson, who folded it with the utmost of care and placed it near the other costumes. Once Strange had disrobed, they were now three naked men. "We are on equal ground now," the doctor pointed out. "But not for long."

"Bend over, Mr. Grayson. Show Mr. Wayne how readily you accept me." Strange stood behind the stooped man and wrapped his arms around his accomplice's waist, then thrust his cock into Grayson's waiting ass.

The man who once called himself Robin looked like he was in ecstacy as Strange pumped him. This was clearly something the two men had done many times before, and it was hard to deny that Grayson was enjoying it. It was equally hard for Bruce to deny that he was growing aroused by the sight, even as its implications repulsed him.

The self-styled doctor stopped for a moment. "You are jealous, I see, Batman. You are beginning to admit to yourself that I have done what you could not. You want to be a part of this. There is no need to hold back, Mr. Wayne. Come here and join us."

Once again, Bruce Wayne felt himself compelled to obey. He began crawling toward the other two, catching his reflection in the mirror as he moved along the floor on all fours against his will, ashamed that he had been reduced to this lowly state but unable to resist.

"Perhaps your friend here can pump some sense into you," Strange said to Batman before turning his attention to Robin. "Go to it, Richard. You used to long for this moment before I taught you better. Now the time has come. Give him what I give you. Give it to him good. Make him ache."

Dick Grayson mounted his former partner and rode him like an animal, penetrating him without the benefit of lube. It was painful for both men, but they had no other options except to fuck and be fucked.

"He wanted to do this with you for so long," Strange told Batman. "You did know that, didn't you? Or were you so lost in your own selfish desires that you missed it?"

Bruce Wayne was silent as he endured the violation.

"Now that it's happening, how does it feel, Batman?" Strange asked. "How does it feel to have Robin inside you at last? Are you enjoying yourself?"

Wayne could not help himself. "Y-y-yessss," he hissed. "Yessss."

"Look at me," Strange commanded. Bruce looked up and saw, to his horror, that the madman had now donned the discarded batsuit--all but the mask, of course, which remained on the head of its original wearer. The outfit did not fit Strange's body very well, which only intensified the blasphemy of the scene.

"You are a broken man, Mr. Wayne," Strange announced. "You have nothing left. You have lost it all, and I have won. Help me celebrate this victory." Strange lowered the trunks and tights of the bat costume to release a fully hard penis--the same one that had recently probed Robin's rectum. He gestured for Bruce to take it in his mouth.

Batman grudgingly did as he was told, his asshole filled with Grayson's dick and his lips wrapped around Strange's shaft. It suddenly occured to him--aided, perhaps, by the drugs flowing through his system--that his destiny was at last being fulfilled. He was free now, free of the tremendous responsibility of his assumed role as hero. He was merely a vessel now. He existed to serve the man he once had fought...

In the midst of the constant jolts to his mouth and rear, he became aware of a pair of hands travelling across the top of his head. Strange's hands, he knew without looking. Gloved hands. His own gloves, reaching for the ear points on his cowl. The unmasking is here, he told himself. No getting around it this time. May as well get it over with, he thought, suddenly yet dimly aware that he no longer felt like fighting back on any level whatsoever.