Wednesday, September 01, 2004

70. Robin

Right now, the only person who even knows I exist--other than Batman and Alfred--is the Tempest. And after weeks of research, we've finally figured out who he is: Phillip Farnish, a former meteorologist who lost his job five years ago after exhibiting signs of mental illness. He tried suing his employers, but lost the case when he became violent in court, blaming a lightning storm for his behavior. In the intervening years, he has apparently become obsessed with weather conditions, and he appears to be exacting his revenge on his former coworkers and some well-known TV and radio personalities. We've got a likely location for him, and tonight we're going to bring him in.

That's right, we. To my surprise, Batman has decided I'm ready to help him on a job. I thought it would be months from now before I got the go-ahead, but given that the Tempest and I have already crossed paths once before -- and all I need are defensive skills, which we've been working on virtually nonstop for weeks --it looks like tonight's the night. Granted, I'm primarily the bait for a trap (while Farnish is preoccupied with trying to catch me, Batman will be sneaking up on him from behind), but it's an important job all the same.

And I know, beyond a doubt, that I'm up for the task. World, meet Robin!