Wednesday, September 08, 2004

75. Robin

Batman's right: it's all in the timing.

If he hadn't just taught me how to handle (separately) being suspended upside down for long periods of time and underwater maneuvers, I'd be dead now. Likewise, if the Tempest hadn't previously figured out that Batman's belt is tamper-resistant, he would have removed it, and BM wouldn't have had access to the tools he needed to free himself and then rescue me.

I admit I was fully expecting a reprimand for bungling the mission and putting both our lives in jeopardy, but--surprise, surprise--the first thing BM did when he managed to shatter the glass on the tank that held me and cut me loose was... hug me. He wrapped his great billowing cape around the two of us and held me for a long while. I'm sure he told himself it was strictly for warmth--I was sopping wet, and he was freezing cold--but I know there was something else going on. Believe me, we generated enough heat in that embrace that I could have melted on the spot.

I'm back in the Cave now, drying off while BM tracks down the Tempest. I hope he makes it before our enemy gets his hands on another victim--I'd hate to see anyone else endure what we just went through. Only problem is, we don't know which of two dozen potential candidates is next on the Tempest's list.

I wish I was out there right now, fighting side by side with BM. But he says he needs me here, feeding him information from the computer. And so I sit. And wait. For what, I have no idea.