Thursday, September 09, 2004

76. Batman

The Tempest is over.

Within the next hour, the police should have followed up on my tip and located Farnish in an alley outside the Channel 8 studio. I left him tied to a fence with my calling card.

Robin's assistance has been invaluable throughout the case. He is new and prone to mistakes, sometimes serious ones, but his instincts are good. Thanks to his rigorous research, I was able to track down Farnish within two hours of our escape, without further casualties. The key to his capture lay in disabling his "Lightning Rod," which I was able to accomplish with the help of the communicator on my belt.

In this most private of journals I must confess the powerful feelings I felt, watching Robin undergoing Farnish's unthinkable treatment when we walked into his latest trap. I held myself responsible once again--and yet I found the entire situation curiously stimulating. When I freed him from the water tank and gazed upon his wet body, I ...

I cannot say how I felt. I only know that I will never forget that sensation as long as I live.