Sunday, September 19, 2004

81. Robin

A lot has happened since my last entry here, so much that I doubt I can cover it all in adequate detail. But I'll try, even if it takes me a few days.

Last Thursday, beside myself with worry when neither Alfred nor I had heard from Batman in days, I started going through his notes and deduced that the Riddler was back in action. I even figured out where his hideout was, and decided to go there to investigate.

Through a window in the rear of the building (an abandoned puzzle factory, no surprise) I could see Batman. He was stretched spread-eagle on some kind of painful-looking device, his mouth gagged and his limbs bound with rope. He didn't see me at first, but when I opened the window and crawled inside--a little more noisily than I'd planned--he looked up.

He started shaking his head as if to say "no." His eyes were huge under his mask, and I could tell he was upset about something. At the time, I never guessed it was me he was mad at.

Two other details escaped my notice, too: the enormous boner in his tights, and the baseball bat hovering just above me, heading straight for my skull.