Wednesday, August 17, 2005

187. The omniscient narrator

Eight long days into the cum ban, Gustavus snapped his fingers and Bruce knealt before him. There was no longer any need for words between them to initiate this ritual; Wayne simply began fondling himself through the sweatpants. These had grown crusty with precum, at Gustavus' orders.

At a nod of his new master's head, Bruce was permitted to slide the elastic waist of the sweats down onto his thighs and grab his cock directly. It was sore from days of abuse with no lubrication beyond spit.

As Bruce went at it, Gustavus began to grill him. "Tell me his name," he demanded. This was the first time in eight days that he had brought up the man who had clearly done something to Wayne.

"T-t-Tanhoger," Bruce replied with only the slightest hesitation. It was not the whole truth, but it was not a lie, either.

"Tell me what he did to you," Gustavus said. "Just don't stop jerking yourself off while you do."

Bruce had given up dreading this inevitable moment. It was too hard to hide anymore. Better to offer a vague yet true explanation, leaving out one or two significant details involving a certain now-discarded secret identity.

"H-he took me ... by surprise, and --"

Gustavus looked confused. "He 'took' you? As in, he kidnapped you?"

"Something like that. It's a long story. It built up for a long time. He had a plan and... he carried it out."

"Did you want this?"

"No. And... yes. There was someone else involved. I had no choice."

Gustavus noticed that Wayne had slowed down on his assigned task. "I didn't tell you to stop stroking it, did I?"

"No sir," Bruce answered. He turned his attention to his shaft a minute and then continued his story. "He had taken... a friend of mine, too. Threatened to kill us both if I didn't ... obey. When he had me, he ... drugged me."

Gustavus grew concerned. For a brief flash, he wondered if he hadn't gotten in over his head. Was this some fantasy Wayne had cooked up, or could it really have happened? No matter: it was too late to turn back.

Wayne kept going. With each new revelation, he felt less inclined to mask the truth of the story. Now that the ice was broken, it was getting easier to talk. "He beat me ... every day. For days. Weeks. I don't know how long. He kept me in a ... in a cage, and ... kept both of us in cages... my friend and me... Kept me so high I didn't know where I was or how... long I'd been there."

Wayne realized just how turned on he was by telling the tale. "He took away everything I'd ever had. Eventually I just broke down. I couldn't fight back anymore. To mark his ... mastery over me, he gave me a new name."

Gustavus was entranced by now, and more than a little excited himself. "What was it? What did he call you?"

Bruce was masturbating with such ferocity now that he was on the point of no return. "Ob--Object X." As he spoke, he reared back to let the cum fly.

"HOLD IT IN," Gustavus ordered. "I didn't give you permission to let it out yet."

Bruce felt like he was going to explode any second. For the first time in his encounters with Gustavus, he was begging. "Please... sir... I can't keep it in any longer. Please let me get it over with. I'll do anything you say..."

"You already do," the other man replied.