Thursday, August 18, 2005

189. Gustavus

Yesterday's session explained much about the Client's behavior--or did it? The story Wayne tells is so outrageous it can only be a fantasy. If he had indeed been kidnapped and assaulted against his will, why didn't he go to the police? (Embarrassment, maybe?) For that matter, he never revealed to me how he managed to escape, or what became of his friend.

On the other hand, perhaps there really is something to his tale. I've had my suspicions that he was involved in something particularly dark and deep, and this would certainly fit the bill. Whatever happened to him--either this incident or something he hasn't told me--it has taken a toll. I must handle his treatment with great care. This cannot mean pulling back--I need to press forward, but with safeguards in place.

I remind myself that I am being paid to help him. Given how much he has evidently been through, or at least how high his tolerance for the services I offer, I am obliged to push further. To break whatever wall he has built to protect himself from what he wants.