Friday, August 19, 2005

193. Gustavus

Wayne's chest and upper arms are pocked with cuts, bruises, and every manner of abuse. Some of the scars appear to be several years old. I knew he was interested in extreme states of various kinds, but I honestly had no idea the depth of his commitment. Whether these marks are self-inflicted or imposed by others by request--or against his will--I cannot say. Clearly, something is going on that he has not told me about.

I released him from the closet last night and led him to the formal dungeon, where I bound him to a post. I blindfolded and gagged him, much to his evident delight. He is there now, still naked and presumably wide awake.

Tonight I will lead him into the woods behind the compound for the final stage of the current phase of therapy. He will be instructed to bring the clothes I made him wear during the last several days, and to burn them in a bonfire as a signal that he is ready to move on.

Tomorrow he will be released. We will reconvene in my office back in Gotham. There are a few things I need to investigate before we go any farther.