Thursday, April 06, 2006

245. Dick

Houston, TX

I was skeptical that we'd ever actually get to take any time off at all, but in fact the last week has been a mix of round-the-clock research (mostly Ollie's) and something resembling relaxation (mostly mine). I convinced Ollie that we should check into a gay bed-and-breakfast for a little R&R, and to my great astonishment he agreed with the plan, even though the level of luxury is completely not his style. (By "luxury" I mean somebody washes the sheets every couple of days, and there's an ice machine. Okay, and a jacuzzi, which has been a major help in our rehabilitation.)

It's even kind of close to the vacation I used to dream of taking with Bruce, and it's probably playing out much the same way: I'm the one on vacation, while my handsome lover is still doing business as usual.

Be that as it may, a couple of nights ago we managed to go out to a bar in the neighborhood. It was on the leather/levis side, with a smattering of twinks looking for daddies (and finding no shortage of them). We had a few drinks (!), danced a little (!), and I watched every set of eyes in the room check Oliver out. We picked up a bar rag or two and headed home.

When we got back to the room, I told him that I'd like to see him in that Green Arrow outfit again, this time under happier circumstances. He reminded me it was pretty torn up after his last outing in it, and I said that wasn't a problem. (Okay, I admit I always found Bruce at his hottest when his suit had a tear or two in it.) Then he admitted he'd been trying to picture me as Robin lately, and I got the strong impression he was pretty into the concept on more than a professional level.

I said the remains of my suit were still in Gotham (I didn't mention that Dr. Strange had essentially destroyed it--best not to bring that up just yet), but that if he gave me a day or two I could probably cobble together a reasonable facsimile after a few trips to sporting goods and fabric stores. No real weaponry, but at least I could approximate the look, certainly for the purpose I figured he had in mind.This somehow gave him the idea to repair and re-stock his own outfit (there goes the disheveled look, dammit!), so starting tomorrow morning we're both going to do some heavy duty shopping--including some police supply places he's found in the suburbs. (He's somehow got law enforcment credentials, which I guess he picked up at some point along his travels of the last 10 years.) So it looks like what started as innocent flirting may be leading back to--you guessed it--work. For him, at least, if not for me.

In the meantime, though, we both took off our smoke-drenched clothes and climbed into the jacuzzi one more time. I sat opposite him and stared straight into his inviting eyes. Have I ever mentioned just how sexy those blonde eyebrows of his are when you get so close to them you can kiss them?