Tuesday, April 18, 2006

251. The omniscient narrator

The Green Arrow proved just as easy to overpower as Robin had. It was not quite as easy to drag both bodies into the building, however, but with teamwork, the robed men managed to do it.

Teamwork was key to everything they did. They were coordinated, they were trained, they were ready for any situation. Including unwelcome guests like these two.

"Who the fuck are they?" said one man. "Look like fuckin' freaks."

"I don't recognize the one with the cape," said another man. "But the older guy looks like the one that's been causin' trouble all over the operation for months. Calls himself 'The Green Arrow.' Thinks he's Robin Hood or somethin'. There's a picture of him on the main HM website. 'Armed and dangerous.'"

"He don't look so dangerous to me," said a third. "Just looks like a goddam pervert."

"That gives me an idea," the second man said, stroking his chin in the manner of self-styled criminal masterminds the world over. "A way to get rid of these two, AND help out our mission. There's a fetish club about two blocks away from here, and--"

"A what?" said the first man.

"It's a place where the most fucked up of the fucked up go. I've heard some crazy shit goes on at that place," said the third man.

"That's what we're countin' on," said the second man, whose role as ringleader was quite clear. "What we do is--"

"How come y'all know so much about this pervert stuff?" said the first man.

The other two looked at each other. "Research, Brother," the second man said. "Now shut up and let me tell you the plan. We're gonna take these two freaks over there, kill 'em, and then call the cops sayin' we heard somethin' suspicious goin' on. They go in, see the bodies, figure out that the perverts musta murdered some a' their own in the middle of some of their weird-ass rituals, and that's that. Two meddlers dead, the story hits the media, and the public learns just how fucked up these faggots really are."

"Genius, Brother Steel," said the third man. "You're a goddam genius."

The one called Brother Steel looked embarrassed. "Just help me haul their bodies into the van. We don't have much time."