Friday, April 21, 2006

257. Robin's notebook

Finished interviewing the suspect a few hours ago. He was badly shaken and hyperventilating after we released him from the restraints where we found him. We talked to him for three hours, then drove him to a remote Houston subdivision--the suspect still hooded and wearing the bondage attire in which he had been dressed while captive. We can reasonably assume he will not attempt to reconnect with the core group, and they may well believe he is dead by now.

During interrogation he refused to provide his birth name or even the code name he uses as part of the organization, but our confrontation did yield invaluable information about that group and its overall structure.

"H.M." or "The Honest Men" is a newly formed umbrella group uniting a previously diverse collection of right-wing extremists, militias, survivalists, and other organizations throughout the United States whose individual agendas embrace a plethora of racist, xenophobic, anti-gay and anti-choice ideologies, among countless other missions. An unknown number of local chapters all answer to a single centralized authority--an extremely charismatic figure who also uses the intitials "H.M." Remarkably, given the brief amount of time the Honest Men have been in operation, this "H.M." has managed to assert his influence far and wide, bringing together fringe groups in the smallest of towns and the biggest of cities.

As luck--or something more ominous--would have it, the group leader's base of operations appears to be ...

Gotham City.