Thursday, April 20, 2006

255. Batman

Just a few nights into his apprenticeship, G is proving that he has what it takes to do this work.

He has already been invaluable in apprehending half a dozen petty thieves and is eager to begin pursuing cases on his own. His instincts are sound, his response time is quick. He is an excellent fighter. In the interrogations I have seen him conduct, he makes full, confident, and creative use of the qualities he brought to my own rehabilitation.

And, I must say, he looks ... magnificent in his new uniform. It accentuates his muscles, his broad shoulders, his imposing chest. Last night, as we returned to the cave after a long, difficult evening of patrols, he caught me examining him when I thought he did not see me. (Did I mention how impressive his powers of observation are?) He smiled. I do not recall which of us made the first move, but soon we were locked in an embrace, our sweat-soaked bodies clinging tightly to each other. As we kissed, I felt the stubble on his cheek graze the corner of my cowl. Through my glove, I could sense the fabric of his shirt and beneath it the firm muscles of his back.

Much as I hate the cliché, this is all like a dream come true--a dream I never knew I had, but one I now realize has haunted me my entire life. For the first time, I have an equal. A partner.

And yet... And yet... A part of me keeps wondering when the dream will come to an end. Given our line of work, that could happen at any minute, and I must harden myself. I must brace for the inevitable. As my own past has taught me, happiness is fleeting. Only the mission remains.