Friday, April 07, 2006

246. Dick

Houston, TX

I never dreamed I would ever say this, but it feels good to be dressed as Robin again. It feels damn good.

Didn't take as long to get the outfit back together as I'd expected, and with Oliver's help I find myself with a costume that would actually serve me in combat. Not that I'm planning to see active duty again, although it does sort of look like things are heading that way...

... But I'm getting ahead of myself. What I really wanted to record here was this brief moment of remembering what my life used to be like, all over again. I've spent months trying to run away from the nightmare that that life turned into back in Gotham City, but maybe it's time to move on. I'm sitting here with these clothes clinging tightly to my body, feeling like I can face anyone and anything that comes my way. And there's a strong, invincible man at my side once again--a different one than last time, granted, but every bit his equal.

When we had each gathered everything we needed from the outside world today, we returned to the B&B and set about assembling our uniforms, each of us in a separate part of the suite, careful not to reveal what we were doing. Then we stood face to face, Robin and Green Arrow--two variations on the same theme, two paths to the same destination. I sensed his eyes travel from my boots to my green tights to my makeshift utility belt (the least complete part of my revised look), then hover at my outer briefs. For my part, I started at his head--green cap, mask, and beard--then down to the tunic that clung so closely to his hairy, muscular chest before I landed my gaze at his waist.

And there we were: two men in masks, checking each other out, the bulges in our tights soon betraying our inner thoughts.

"Holy fuck," I murmured. I hoped it was too quiet for him to hear, but no such luck. He chuckled, and beckoned with one finger. (His outstretched arm drew my attention to one of those magnificent biceps of his and the long, archery-style gauntlet that encircled it.)

"Come over here ... Robin," he said, smiling in the most irresistible way.

"At your service, Green Arrow," I replied. I moved closer and gave him a long, wet kiss. My lips brushed against his whiskers and I smelled his manly aroma. He pressed his pelvis into mine and I felt his, er, green arrow seeking its intended destination.

Without a moment's hesitation, I slid down his torso and repositioned myself in spitting distance of his cock.

"Yeah," he mumbled as I kissed his erection through the fabric that covered it. "Right there..."

I sucked away, savoring the taste of precum as it leaked through the spandex. It's not like I hadn't taken him in my mouth dozens, probably hundreds, of times before tonight, but this was different. We weren't our old selves now--or rather we were, but we were somehow more than those selves, too. It was almost as if we were meeting for the first time, bringing with us all the knowledge of each other we had accumulated during the last several months, and supplementing it with a whole new reality.

I stared up from my vantage point on the floor and the sight of his masked face gazing down at me was overwhelming. This was all too good to be true--

--and, as it turns out, it was too good to last. We locked eyes one more time, and then I saw something else catch his attention.

"Oh my god," he said.

And then everything changed.