Wednesday, April 19, 2006

254. The omniscient narrator

Selena's Place was still and silent as the two men who called themselves "Brother Iron" and "Brother Steel" gently closed the door and drove away. They would wait a couple of hours and then call the cops, posing as neighbors concerned by suspicious activity in the notorious sex club. (The actual residents of the neighborhood where Selena's and the future Houston Male party were located had long since learned to ignore just about everything that happened in and around those establishments, except when it involved especially loud music or noisy, violent bar fights. They weren't happy about the businesses in the area, but realized after decades of fruitless complaints that there was little to be done about the situation.)

Inside Selena's, three bodies lay waiting to be discovered. Two were heavily bound in plastic and topped off with freshly spilled semen, while a third was shackled to the wall. All would soon be dead if they weren't already. The entire spectacle was certain to make quite a sensation in the local papers and on the tv news for weeks and months to come, igniting bitter debates about the depravity of contemporary city life. Exposés would be printed, hearings would be held, sermons would be uttered, and laws would be enacted...

... Except for one thing.

Look closer, reader, and see if you can find it. Examine the scene carefully, and listen for that tiny sound--the sound of something being torn, of a hole being poked through something solid with something sharp. Watch for the first sign of motion--a twitch, barely noticeable unless you are paying rapt attention--beneath one of the mounds of plastic.

Something is about to happen.