Monday, July 05, 2004

10. Dick

Biggest event of the last couple of days hasn't had anything to do with a "superhero," thank God. Janice called to remind me about the July 4 demo outside WayneTech Enterprises to protest their dubious defense department contracts. I swear those assholes have been on the wrong side of every major issue of my adult life -- South Africa, sweatshops, union-busting, you name it. This is easily the tenth demonstation I've been to at WT; I feel like I know the place by heart now. We stood around, did the usual chants, handed out fliers to people who were there for the annual Independence Day concert and fireworks, then went home.

Not so long ago, I wouldn't have needed a reminder call. In my college days I probably would have been one of the organizers, plotting ways to padlock the doors, or break in and hurl a banner from the top floor, or at least blitz the surrounding area with wheatpaste and spraypaint. But no more. Looking back, I think it was around the time I got involved with Bill that my activism shrivelled and died. When that relationship headed south, I just retreated further and further into myself. Alas, the outside world is as fucked up as ever, if not more so, but I can't seem to drag my head out of my ass or my ass off the couch anymore. I don't really seem to do anything exciting anymore. Unless you count the business at the bank, but that was pretty much an accident, and the followup with Batman, which was pretty much a bust.

I definitely need to get more active. Guess I'm just waiting for the right opportunity.

Uh, speaking of which, when Janice and I were walking back to her car from the WT action, I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind. "Hey, Dick! Remember me?" somebody said.

I didn't remember, not at first. After a little prompting, though, I realized it was Peter, a guy I'd gotten to know through ACT UP Gotham City years ago. We'd never been close, but I'd always thought he was pretty damn hot. In fact, he was the reason I'd gone to more than a few affinity meetings back in the day--I kept thinking that would be a good way to meet him. Eventually I saw that strategy wasn't going anywhere, and I moved on. Hadn't seen him--had barely even thought of him--for years. And now here he was saying he wanted to get back in touch.

Sensing something was up, Janice left us alone. We have years of experience interpreting when to leave the other one alone and went to stick around. I told her I'd get a ride home myself--and Peter conveniently offered one.

On the way back to my place, we talked about the demo for a second, and how different it was from the old ACT UP actions, which led us to reminiscing about various characters from the old days and what had become of them. When we got to my apartment, we stayed in the car and talked a good half hour longer. I asked if he wanted to come up; he declined, but said he was free the next night. He squeezed my hand, aaid it was good to see me, and then gave me a kiss.

At last: a good old fashioned date to look forward to. I thought about telling him to use the door, not the window, but I doubt he would've found it as funny as I did.