Tuesday, July 27, 2004

42. Dick

Batman didn't show up at all last night, so I did the workout by myself--I know the basics pretty well by now--and Alfred showed me the notes BM left for me before heading out. This guy "The Tempest" sounds like a nut job to me; then again, almost every one of BM's adversaries I've been learning about lately strikes me as majorly insane. And I guess a lot of them ARE, in the clinical sense.

Batman's notes are pretty sketchy. I don't think he's used to the idea of anybody else needing to read them yet, so I'm having some trouble figuring out what's going on. But I get the idea that he wants me to look through some sort of employment records. Alfred has also discovered BM's private journal, and together we're trying to crack the password to see if there are any further clues in that.

Al doesn't seem that concerned, but frankly, this all scares the shit out of me.