Monday, July 19, 2004

32. Dick

What a weekend! Peter wasn't exactly happy to hear me back out of our Friday night date, but fortunately he was willing to move it to Saturday. When we finally got together, I had to disguise the fact that I was so damn tired from the nocturnal workouts with Batman that I could barely move. He was horny as hell, so I just kind of lay there and let him fuck my ass while I fought off sleep. Only the spurt of hot cum on my back snapped me back to life.

Bruce, meanwhile, looked baffled when I asked for a night off so soon into my training. Jesus, doesn't this guy take a break on the weekend? Evidently not, because we were back at it on Sunday night, and I could swear he made the exercise section even longer and more difficult just to get back at me. If he had one iota of self-awareness he'd realize what he's doing to himself... and to me.

The one bright spot in all of this is that I'm spending so much time up close and personal with Batman. When he's spotting me as I lift weights, his crotch is frequently smack dab in front of my face, and it's all I can do to keep myself from grabbing a mouthful of it. I'm positive he's aware of this; my hunch is that he's trying to teach some kind of twisted lesson about restraint.

Speaking of restraint, I've learned more in the last 24 hours about ropes, handcuffs, and other devices than I ever thought I'd need to know. Putting them on somebody else, getting myself out of them, you name it. And it's only just beginning; Bruce says we'll be focussing on that for the next three weeks or so (in addition to combat techniques, first aid, the computer database, and half a dozen other topics). I've never really played around with bondage much in my sex life up to now, but when he held my wrists behind my back and cuffed them, I ... I dunno. It just felt electric, like somebody had just slapped me out of a deep sleep.

And speaking of SLEEP, that's the most precious commodity in my life right now. No more sleeping in on weekends, I guess. And trying to balance a full work day with a full night -- whether I'm spending it with Bruce or Peter -- is starting to take its toll. I dread the upcoming work week, much as I look forward to the evenings. Which, as far as I can tell, will all be spent in the Cave. I told Peter I'd call him midweek if my schedule cleared up, but that it was going to be a pretty busy time at the office. He looked disappointed, but he's willing to be patient. I don't want to lose him -- as a friend or whatever more he might be -- but this business with Bruce just feels so incredibly important that I have to pursue it.

When I'm with Bruce, I feel like my real life has just begun. But how much of my old one will I have to surrender in the process?