Saturday, July 24, 2004

39. Batman

As I suspected, Gotham has a new felon. The pattern of thefts in recent evenings has pointed toward someone obsessed with weather-related crimes, and during last night's 7 PM news broadcast on WGOC, meteorologist Rob Shore was the victim of sniper fire during a live remote. The shooter then planted a message onscreen intended for me. He identifies himself as "The Tempest," and threatens more assaults until I meet him at the National Weather Service Office--a meeting he has stipulated must take place on the first rainy night with a temperature between 67 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clearly a madman, but one I cannot afford to ignore. The skies have been cloudless for the last several days and remain so this evening. I must use the time to do further research--and attempt to forestall future attacks.

It is crucial that I check the employment records of WGOC and other local television stations. If my hunch proves correct, this "Tempest" may be easier to track down than he imagines. If I can catch him off guard, I may be able to nip his crime spree in the bud. I need to put Robin on the project--Alfred and I have taught him the necessary skills for research on the batcomputer--but he insisted on two nights off in a row. I knew it was a bad idea, but I must constantly remind myself that he is new to this way of life and does not appear to have as strong a work ethic as I had hoped.

Perhaps the research can wait until Robin is back in the Cave on Monday night. Tonight and tomorrow I will investigate a few other leads on my own.