Tuesday, July 20, 2004

34. Dick

When last night's workout ended, I headed to the bathroom in the Cave to take a shower before the next round of lessons began. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my masked face moist with sweat. For the first time I thought I noticed signs that all this back-breaking exercise has been paying off. Could be wishful thinking, but I'm convinced my arms are already growing larger, my abs are growing firmer, and my belly is shrinking ever so slightly.

I brought one of my hands up to my nipple and caressed it through the synthetic fabric of my temporary costume. Pretty soon I was aware of my cock popping up against my tights, so I brought my free hand down to give it some attention. Haven't felt this turned on by my own body in a long, long time--maybe ever. I don't know what I'm becoming, but I like it. A lot. I stood there for three or four minutes rubbing my fingers over the lycra, daydreaming blankly as I enjoyed the sensation of flesh against tight material.

And then something else caught my eye in the mirror: Batman, standing in the doorway, watching me. God knows how long he'd been standing there before I noticed, and I didn't know whether to feel more embarrassed or excited.

"I've got someone I want you to meet," he said. His no-nonsense tone suggested the stranger wasn't hiding under his briefs.

I brought my hands back to my sides and tried to divert attention from the minor mountain in my tights by fidgeting with my fanny-pack utility belt. Then I followed him down the hall.

"Robin, this is Alfred, my manservant. He has been with me my entire life, and he is a trusted confidant. I have some business to attend to this evening, so Alfred is going to take over from here. The first order of business is a fitting for your new costume." Bruce handed me over to Alfred, and then he was gone.

This butler guy is one of those older British men I've always found attractive. Clearly a homo, but who knows whether he's as closeted as his boss or not. Don't ask, don't tell is probably the house rule. A little haughty, but then it goes with the territory. I can't imagine somebody spending his entire life working in the shadow of somebody else more wealthy or famous or powerful--at least that's not a career I'd ever want for myself. Hey, if Bruce doesn't make a move sooner or later, maybe I'll give the hired help a try.

Alfred took a few measurements, clearly enjoying the act of holding his tape measure against my body... and given how little action I've seen lately, I kinda liked it too. Then we walked over to the computer and worked on an application designed for the very purpose at hand. That took an hour or two, then he lead me through some more computer procedures and explained the basic guidelines for having our costumes cleaned and repaired. He does the actual work; he just had to show me where to leave mine and where I'd find it when it was done. Since I've only got one costume -- shit, I mean uniform -- for the time being and it's always as wet as a dishrag when the workout is over, I guess that's going to mean a lot of washing. Alfred says Batman has at least ten full outfits in several varieties (leather, spandex, rubber, kevlar, etc; full bodysuit, separate top and bottom; etc.) and countless additional elements, all of which have to be inspected and tended on a regular basis. I'll be getting a spandex outfit first, and then more if I ever make it out onto the street.

We went over some more business, then he drove me home. Not having a car of my own has always been frustrating, but never more than now. I feel like a kid being driven to and from school. On the other hand, neither the "Batmobile" nor Bruce's primary personal vehicle (I take it he has several) is your typical soccer-mom set of wheels, so I'm not exactly complaining.

Batman wasn't back by the time we left the Cave, but Alfred says that's not unusual at all. He only gets worried when the sun comes up, and besides there are several means of communication built into the batmobile and the cave so they can be in contact when needed. Me, I was just happy to be in my own bed (alone) a couple of hours earlier than I've been for the last few days.

Time for a quick bite, and then it's off to the office. Almost forgot--I've got a Tanhoger appointment this afternoon, too. Then back to the day job, and then the night one...

Yeah, this is pretty much a second job, at this point. Not quite what I'd planned on, but as long as I look this great, I'm not gonna complain.